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Building A Better     Angus


Welcome to Gumbo Hill Ranch. Gumbo Hill Ranch is located in the rocky hills of southwestern North Dakota, so close to McIntosh, SD that Gumbo Hill cattle frequently get to cross the state line! Family owned & operated, Blaine & Cassie purchased the original ranch from Blaine's grandparents in 2002 and have grown and improved ever since. Their love of cattle and the ranching way of life brought them together. Blaine's love of Gelbvieh- Angus cows & Cassie's Simmental Show Heifers formed the base of their herd. It has since developed in a primarily Angus based herd utilizing Simmental & Gelbvieh genetics to achieve heterosis & hybrid vigor.

Bulls and females are bred to perform for the commercial cattlemen by increasing profit through hybrid vigor & performance; not expensive feedstuffs.

We run a mix of commercial and registered cows with a majority of the commercial cows being primarily Angus with a 1/4 or less Simmental or Gelbvieh influence. Blaine & Cassie have found that these hybrid bulls & females give the best of both worlds.  A local cattleman said it best, "Building a Better Angus". At Gumbo Hill they do this by taking advantage of the desirable traits of the Angus & improving performance and growth with the touch of continental breeding.

Blaine & Cassie focus on cattle that are maternal, moderate framed & easy fleshing therefore able to self-sustain in the northern ranch environment. The Gumbo Hill program believes the cow is the most important part of every pedigree.

Check out the website further and feel free to contact us anytime to talk cattle.

Blaine & Cassie Mollman
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