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Herd Sires


GH 105 Special

GH Aberdeen 105B Front Feet at 10yrs of age
Gumbo Hill 105 “Special”
Reg#: NA    |   DOB: 3/19/18   |   Tattoo: 548

Sire: HA Cowboy Up
Dam: GH Aberdeen 105B

BW: 88     205 wt. 906 lbs    Adj. YW 1391 lbs
  • Special is the first home raised bull that we have collected for use as a feature sire in our bull sale. Purchased by Dave Lensegrav in the 2019 production sale , there are so many things we love about this bull & our confidence in his pedigree & maternal line is exactly why we wanted to capture more of his genetics within our herd & offer them to you as well. His first calves hit the ground in 2020 & we were not disappointed, with the power & performance of Cowboy Up this sire group outperformed all the others on a weighted average. Specials calves are truly that …Special! We also can’t say enough about his dam GH Aberdeen 105 – she has done it year after year for us, consistently breeding back; this cow has had an AI calf every year since her first service. At 10 years of age she is still going strong with excellent foot & leg structure, a strong udder attachment & still raising calves that perform at the front of the pack year after year. She is truly one of a kind & her influence along with the ever popular Cowboy Up will be an asset to any program.

GH Aberdeen 105B Dam of Special

Mohnen General 548
Reg#: 19183097   |   DOB: 12/16/2017   |   Tattoo: 548

Sire: Baldridge Colonel C251
Dam: S A V Madame Pride 5290

  • Mohnen General 548 instills every single trait all Registered seed stock producers and commercial cattleman strive to achieve. General carries impeccable feet structure throughout his entire maternal pedigree. He has amazing phenotype, super clean fronted & moves with ease. He has great carcass and marbling both epd and actual scan data and great muscle and shape. He’s got great length of body and will instill frame- performance & POUNDS without jeopardizing any feet or structure issues that will make your calves wean big. Be sure to check out his sons in the 2021 sale they are very consistent top to bottom & they flat out put the pounds on. They came with modest birth weights, great feet & legs, length of body & gentle!

U-2 Coalition 206C
Reg#: 18626847   |   DOB: 01/23/2015   |   Tattoo: 206C

Sire: HF Syndicate 213Z
Dam: U2 Erelite 109Z

  • Coalition stamps his progeny with his good hip, correct structure and expressive muscle shape. Sons are solid performing, good looking bulls with modest birth weights. Daughters are consistent in their type - deep ribbed, good structured and feminine fronted, with impeccable udder quality and productive! The cows behind Coalition are outstanding. His incredible dam, Erelite 109Z, is flawless in her kind and topped the historic U2 Ranch Dispersal last fall at $140,000. Coalition is a good-footed sire with a remarkable disposition and is poised to impact the Angus breed for years to come! Coalition sons in the 2021 sale at Gumbo Hill are no exception, they are a very consistent sire group with thickness, style & fleshing ability. Another female making pedigree that will have you looking forward to calving his daughters!

LT Converse 8011
Reg#: 19251492   |   DOB: 02/14/2018   |   Tattoo: 8011

Sire: Connealy Confidence Plus
Dam: LT Nordica 6066

  • Converse has become one of the most in-demand young bulls in the angus breed. He caught our eye with his royal pedigree containing Confidence Plus & Koupal Advance, 2 of the best cow makers in the business. Converse calved easy & his sons are masculine & eye-catching with an abundance of body & style! To say we are most excited about his females would be an understatement. They look to have all the right stuff, outstanding foot & udder quality, depth of rib & easy keeping all wrapped up in a pretty package! If you are looking for a stylish made, calving ease bull with a ton of maternal influence look no further! Check out his fancy sons in the 2021 sale.

New progeny coming in 2021

Reg#: 19251490   |   DOB: 02/09/2018   |   Tattoo: 8002

Sire: Connealy Confidence Plus
Dam: LT Edella 6028

  • We selected Confidante to use in our 2020 breeding heifer project. Having used & liked his ½ brother LT Coverse in 2019 we wanted to continue to sample the Confidence Plus genetic line which is known for  producing exceptional females with style, structural integrity & functionality. Be looking for his sons in the 2022 sale!
Reg#: 19558041   |   DOB: 01/14/2019   |   Tattoo: 2819

Sire: S A V President 6847
Dam: S A V Madame Pride 2407

  • We purchased President from the 2020 Mohnen Production sale. This guy is a stunning son of SAV President x SAV Madame Pride 2407. He’s a moderate framed bull with tons of muscle mass & volume. We love the way he moves with such athleticism & style. Not to mention his dam is on the top producing daughters of the million dollar matriarch cow SAV Madame Pride 5290. We used him AI & natural service & are looking forward to a large sampling of progeny in 2021!
Reg#: 1SM00125 - 2548143   |   DOB: 02/11/2010   |   Tattoo: 006X

Sire: Hooks Shear Force 38K
Dam: S D S Queen 814U

  • When something works why change it? That is how we felt about Graduate, he is not a relatively new sire but he has so many elite sons & daughters in production we wanted a piece of the real thing also. Graduate will go down in history as a true cow maker. Graduate daughters have sound teat and udder structure along with a super attractive cow look. A unique combination of breed-leading CED and REA puts him in a league of his own among highly proven bulls. His sons are clean fronted & have that extra rib that really puts the pounds on a feeder calf. If you looking to make some superior Simmental cross heifers check out his sons on sale day.

Prior Years Herd Sires

Reg#: 17845177   |   DOB: 01/07/2014   |   Tattoo: 684

Sire: Connealy Sandhills 122
Dam: Mohnen Glyn Mawr Elba 42

  • 684 is a bull we purchased from Mohnen Angus & he has surely proven his worth to our program. His calves are complete & styling with a touch of calving ease without sacrificing performance. His daughters are the cattleman’s kind !
Reg#: 18316913   |   DOB: 03/12/2015   |   Tattoo: 5213

Sire: Connealy Capitalisy 028
Dam: LT Erica 0121

  • The first Enterprise daughters calved in 2019 and they lived up to high expectations for superior udder and teat quality, combined with a brood look.
  • Enterprise continues to be the "go-to" heifer bull in the LT program, because Brent Thiel knows the value of his cow family and maternal sire stack; Capitalist, Alliance I87, Bando 9074 and Sitz Value.
  • Enterprise is a perfect choice for commercial heifer programs where unassisted births, calf vigor and outstanding replacement heifers are a requirement.
Reg#: 17933463   |   DOB: 03/14/2014   |   Tattoo: 4202

Sire: Connealy Earnan 076E
Dam: EA Blacklass 8914

  • We chose Roughrider as an AI sire after evaluating his outstanding progeny at Ellingsons. Calves are deep and easy fleshing with added muscle, thickness and pounds of product.
  • Anchored by generations of high-producing females, both Roughriders dam and granddam have achieved donor status.
  • The Roughrider calves have shown to have great dispositions & his daughters have that maternal made brood cow look.
Reg#: 18575965   |   DOB: 1/11/16   |   Tattoo: 6848

Sire: Coleman Charlo 0256
Dam: Blackcap May 4136

We chose Raindance for our program because of his mother Blackcap May 4136 who is the highest producing dam at S A V with over $10M in progeny sales.

  • Raindance’s progeny have captured the attention of the Angus world and have put him on the fast track to stardom.
  • "They are stunners – extra long, deep-bodied and stout-rumped with all the power, performance and presence you can put in one package," said Kelly Schaff.
  • Raindance adds body length, eye appeal and the maternal power of the great Blackcap May 4136.
Reg#: 17298481   |   DOB: 03/15/2012   |   Tattoo: 255

Sire: S Chisum 6175
Dam: S Blossom 0278

This a bull we used on our bred heifers this year, we are looking forward to his calves:

  • Calving Ease Cowmaker excelling for $W and $B
  • His daughters are big-bodied, excellent uddered and GOOD!
  • Heifer-safe with a significant advantage for Docility
  • Offers an outcross pedigree with plenty of mating flexibility
Reg#: 18286467   |   DOB: 01/30/2015   |   Tattoo: 5405

Sire: HA Outside 3008
Dam: HA Blackcap Lady 1602

  • Wide based, long spined, big bodied, sound made, with excellent feet and legs
  •  Perfect bull to put the punch and power back into your Angus cattle
  •  Outcross pedigree with the traditional Angus head and look
  •  A breed changer from a growth performance and body mass standpoint
  •  Ranks in the top 1% for WW, YW, RADG, CW and the top 4% for $Bee

Reg#: 17016597   |   DOB: 01/07/2011   |   Tattoo: 1441

Sire: Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075
Dam: S A V Blackcap May 4136

  • One of the most iconic bulls in the breed; Resource is the most popular sire in the Genex lineup due to his ability to sire growth, carcass merit and maternal ability in a desirable package.

  • Resource brings to the table the basics of efficiency and natural fleshing ability, with thickness, muscle, masculinity, superb structure, feet quality and authentic breed character.

  • Resource sons have unprecedented performance and industry appeal, while his daughters are making superb brood cows with high quality udders and abundant milk.
We have used Resource the past 2 years and used him again for 2017. His calves are extremely predictable and always good. They are moderate framed, easy fleshing & thick! You can always pick a Resource calf out of every crowd. His popularity is high among purebred & commercial cattlemen alike.
Reg#: 17620987   |   DOB: 02/05/2013   |   Tattoo: 0713

Sire: MAR Innovation 251
Dam: MAR Timber 300 Design 7050

Industrial is a bull that grew up in our neck of the woods, bred & raised at Maher Angus of Morristown, SD. We have used him heavily on our bred heifer projects for the past 2 years with excellent results. His calves have performed well and his females are the keeping kind, deep bodied, good footed and easy fleshing.

Reg#: 3261167   |   DOB: 02/7/2017   |   Tattoo: 120E

Sire: LRS A Plus 219A
Dam: LRS Ms Dual Focus 2132

  • Hailing from two of the most prolific cow families at Lassles in Montana, Craftsman is the purebred, outcross option the breed has sought.
  • Look for Craftsman to add maternal strength and moderate birth weights without sacrificing growth and end-product merit.
  • Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled
  • We got to see Craftsman at the Kelly Froelich ranch & we chose him for his clean front, length of body & overall balanced phenotype.
Reg#: 2649154   |   DOB: 01/09/2012   |   Tattoo: 222Z

Sire: R&R Chamberlain X744
Dam: JF Ebonys Joy 734T

Rancher is an outcross Simmental bull who’s grandsire is the Upgrade bull that we liked so much. His first calves came in 2016 and we are so excited about them. Just like Rancher himself they are moderate framed, have tons of style and built like a tank. His sons are sure going to have a lot of friends sale day.

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