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Gumbo Hill Ranch Bred Heifers
82 Fancy Commercial Bred Heifers For Sale Private Treaty

  • AI bred to LT Confidant 8002 & bull bred by sons of MAR Admiral, S Chisum 255 & LT Enterprise SOLD
  • 46 hd AI - Due March 10 - $1700
  • 26 hd Bull Bred- Due April 1st - Apr. 30: $1600
  • 7 hd May Bred - Calve May 1 - 20 : $1500
  • Home Raised
  • Selected for quality & good disposition
  • Ultrasound tested
  • Sexed & dated
  • Cake broke
  • Complete mineral program
  • Strong maternal pedigrees with years of AI genetics


85 head of bangs vaccinated replacement heifers will sell February 6th at the Lemmon Livestock Special Rep Heifer Sale. 

These home raised heifers have been selected for quality, disposition & phenotype and come from the heart of the Gumbo Hill Ranch commercial herd. They are on a full mineral program through PNC Feeds, no creep, no implants & are backgrounded in small pastures to maintain foot quality. Had all shots & poured within the last 30 days. 

Our herd is very maternally orientated with genetics that go back to SAV Resource, Mohnen Sandhills, LT Forefront, TC Aberdeen, Basin Excitement, SAV Final Answer & more. We have a very strong AI program in place on the entire cow herd. 


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