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Herd Sires


Reg#: 17016597   |   DOB: 01/07/2011   |   Tattoo: 1441

Sire: Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075
Dam: S A V Blackcap May 4136

  • One of the most iconic bulls in the breed; Resource is the most popular sire in the Genex lineup due to his ability to sire growth, carcass merit and maternal ability in a desirable package.

  • Resource brings to the table the basics of efficiency and natural fleshing ability, with thickness, muscle, masculinity, superb structure, feet quality and authentic breed character.

  • Resource sons have unprecedented performance and industry appeal, while his daughters are making superb brood cows with high quality udders and abundant milk.
We have used Resource the past 2 years and used him again for 2017. His calves are extremely predictable and always good. They are moderate framed, easy fleshing & thick! You can always pick a Resource calf out of every crowd. His popularity is high among purebred & commercial cattlemen alike.
Reg#: 17314910   |   DOB: 01/16/2012   |   Tattoo: Z013

Sire: Baldridge Waylon W34
Dam: Baldridge Blossom U51

Download is a Waylon son with added calving ease. He throws some extra performance and body in his calves with tons of rib shape and natural muscle. He has crossed well with our Thunder & Final Answer daughters and there a quite a few good sons in the bull pen.
Reg#: 17620987   |   DOB: 02/05/2013   |   Tattoo: 0713

Sire: MAR Innovation 251
Dam: MAR Timber 300 Design 7050

Industrial is a bull that grew up in our neck of the woods, bred & raised at Maher Angus of Morristown, SD. We have used him heavily on our bred heifer projects for the past 2 years with excellent results. His calves have performed well and his females are the keeping kind, deep bodied, good footed and easy fleshing.

Reg#: 2474338    |   DOB: 03/05/2008   |   Tattoo: U8676

Sire: Ellingson Legacy M229
Dam: MS NLC Mojo S6119 B

  • Upgrade is the standard for muscle and performance without added frame.

  • Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled
Upgrade has been a favorite Simmental sire of ours, his calves have all the performance expected from a simmental power bull without sacrificing fleshing ability and eye appeal.
Reg#: 2649154   |   DOB: 01/09/2012   |   Tattoo: 222Z

Sire: R&R Chamberlain X744
Dam: JF Ebonys Joy 734T

Rancher is an outcross Simmental bull who’s grandsire is the Upgrade bull that we liked so much. His first calves came in 2016 and we are so excited about them. Just like Rancher himself they are moderate framed, have tons of style and built like a tank. His sons are sure going to have a lot of friends sale day.
Coming New in 2017...


Reg#: 17082311   |   DOB: 08/25/2011   |   Tattoo: 1366

Sire: EF Complement 8088
Dam: Riverbend Young Lucy W1470

We chose Commando as one of our heifer project bulls because we really liked what we have seen so far. The high selling Sire group at the 2016 Baldridge Bros production sale came from Commando. We are really excited to see his calves. Here’s what Genex has to say about him:

Commando is one of the most talked about semi-proven bulls in the breed. He offers an unmatched combination of traits that drive producer profitability, both phenotypically and genetically.
  • He provides no miss calving ease, breed-leading growth and average MILK EPD in a moderate mature-sized package.

  • Progeny are attractive, wide-bodied, big-hipped with sound feet and super dispositions. Few bulls can match his combination of CE, $W and $B along with the pedigree flexibility he provides.
Reg#: 17532083   |   DOB: 01/14/2013   |   Tattoo: 1093

Sire: Basin Excitement
Dam: Mohnen Jilt 787

Impressive is a Basin Excitement son that we saw sell at the 2014 Mohnen Angus sale. We liked him and he has proven to be very popular in the industry. Our Basin Excitement daughters have been excellent and we wanted some more of those type of genetics plus this bull comes from the Mohnen Jilt cow family what has built the Mohnen program to what it is today. He was also heavily used on our heifer project and we look forward to seeing his calves.
Reg#: 17919726   |   DOB: 02/01/2014   |   Tattoo: 1401

Sire: Barstow Cash
Dam: BSF Princess EL Cap W2

BSF Hot Lotto 1401 is probably the most complete son of Cash to be born to date. Tremendous thickness, soundness, bone, foot size and fleshing ability set this bull apart from all other Angus. The most popular display bull in Denver at the NWSS in 2015. A maternal brother to the 2 time reserve champion bull BSF Opportunist Z5, another popular bull from the ground up.
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